Seahorse Sound is a recording studio located in Downtown Los Angeles. The studio is built into an old warehouse, originally constructed as a handbag factory. The unique configuration of brick, wood, and concrete lends itself to be a naturally great sounding recording space.

Studio A features a large tracking room with very high ceilings (23'x30'x24')  that easily accommodates a small orchestra. Due to it's interesting shape, the room has plenty of acoustically unique spaces throughout.

Located on an upper level overlooking the tracking room, the control room houses a vintage MCI JH600 console along with an extensive collection of outboard gear. Analog and Digital recording options are 1" inch 16 track tape and 32 i/o of Pro Tools HD among others.

Studio B is an overdub/mix complete with a hybrid of analog and digital gear and wonderful acoustics.

Please see our gear list for more equipment information.

Seahorse has secured parking and is close to many restaurants, bars and hotels.

Our client list is available upon request. 

Seahorse is also home to the (the) Handbag Factory, a diy music venue and gallery.