AKG 535eb
AKG C-414 vintage silver body w/ CK12 capsule  
Mojave MA100 x 3
Mojave Ma101 fet x 4 w/omni and cardioid capsules
Mojave MA1000
Mojave MA200 x 3

Mojave Ma201 fet x 2
Mojave Ma300 tube
Nakamichi CM300 pair (vintage)
Neumann u47 fet x2
Oktava MK-012 x3
Oktava Mk219 x2
Oktava Mk319 x3
Rode NTK Tube Microphone
Telefunken Elam 251 tube


AKG D112
Audix d6 x2
Audix Drum Mics
Audix i5
Electro-Voice RE-11
Electro-Voice RE-15
Electro-Voice RE-20
Electro-Voice 635a x 5
Electro-Voice 661 Slim-Air
Electro-Voice 664 desktop model
Electro-Voice 666
Sennheiser MD 409 x 2
Sennheiser MD 421 x 6
Sennheiser MD 441 x 2
Shure Beta 58
Shure sm87A Handheld Condensor
Shure Sm1B x 2
Shure Sm57 x 6
Shure Sm58 x 2
Shure SM-7b


American R331 (vintage USA made)
Beyer M360
Coles 4038 x2
RCA 88a
RCA 74-B x2
RCA 77 dx
Royer R-121 x 2
Royer R-101 x 2


Astatic D-104 x 2
Yamaha Sub Kick Mic
Lots of rare, unique, lo-fi and homemade mics


Manley Electro Optical Leveling Amplifier
Neve 2254e compressor x4
Neve 32264a compressor/limiter w/ stereo link mod x2
Neve 1073 w/ eq (vintage module from console) 
UREI 1176 silverface x2
SSL G384 Compressor Stereo
TELEFUNKEN/TAB v76m tube mic pre x2
API 6 Lunchbox with Brent Averill 312 mic pres
API 550A eq x 4, AEA RPQ 500
UREI 565 filter set "Little Dipper" eq
Chandler TG-2 Limited Edition dual Neve/EMI mic pre
Vintech Dual 1272 Neve style mic pre
DBX 160A vintage, DBX 263X De-Esser x 2
AKG BX-20 Spring Reverb
Roland Re-101 Space Echo (vintage, mint) 
Roland SDE-1000
Ekdahl Moisturizer
Orban 111b Spring Reverb (stereo) 
Univibe Spring Reverb (vintage) 
16 channels of discrete 4 band parametric Equalizers (System 8) 
Ampex 601 1/4'' Tape Machine w/ tube preamps x 2
Pre-Sonus M80 8ch. Mic Pre w/ original Jenson transformers *Modified
Pre-Sonus Acp88 8ch. Compressor/Gate
Focusrite Platinum Voicemaster Channel Strip
8 channels of Focusrite Mic Pres
BBE Sonic Maximizer 462 (stereo) 
Demeter tube DI, Demeter Tube rackmount Pre Amp (vintage) 
Seahorse Sound Custom made Direct Boxes w/ vintage UTC transformers
Alesis 3630 Stereo Compressor w/ Dbx mods
Dbx Subharmonic Sythesizer, Dbx 1215 graphic Eq
Dbx 160A Comp/Limiter, Sans Amp Tech 21 rackmount
Line 6 Pod, Lexicon MPX 100, Yamaha Analog Delay 1010
Yamaha Digital Delay D1500, Yamaha REV 7
Line 6 DL-4 Delay Modeler/Looper
Oberheim Voltage Controlled Filter (vintage) 
Custom Stereo Tube DI (Stereo), Little Labs DI w/ Phase Alignment(1) 
Little Labs PCP Distro Amplifier(1) 
Radial JDI (2) 
Countryman DI (2)


(Rentals With Flexible Terms)
Dobro Steel Resonator Guitar 1984
Fender Stratocaster 1962
Fender Precision Bass 1972
Fender Telecaster Custom 1974
Gibson 1928 L5 Acoustic
Gibson Les Paul Jr. 1959
Gibson SG Jr. 1968
Gretsch Malcolm Young Model Guitar 2003
Martin 0-18 Acoustic 1964
Martin 00-18 Acoustic 1956
Martin Backpacker Acoustic
National Resophonic Acoustic 1959
Schecter Strat w/ 1950ʼs Oahu Lap Steel Pick-up 1986


Boss Chromatic Tuner TU-2
Boss Mega Distortion MD-2
Boss Tremolo TR-2
Boss Chorus Ensemble CE-5
Boss Delay DM-3
Boss Digital Delay DD-5
Boss Power Supply & Master Switch PSM-5
Boss Chorus Ensemble
DdrumDrum Triggers (5)
DOD Compressor Sustainer FX80-B
Electro-Harmonix Holygrail Reverb
Electro-Harmonix Small Stone EH4800 Phase Shifter
Electro-Harmonix Stereo Memory Man Stereo Echo/Chorus
Electro-Harmonix Poly Flange
Ernie Ball Pedals
Fender Starcaster Chorus
handmade Looper/Amp Selector
handmade Wah Pedal
Ibanez Tube Screamer TS9
Ibanez DIgital Delay Soundtank DL5
Ibanez Delay
Jim Dunlop Original Crybaby
Jim Dunlop Crybaby 95Q
Korg Pitchblack Chromatic Tuner
Marshall Bypass
Moog Moogerfooger Ring Modulator
Pod LIne 6 The Ultimate Guitar Direct Box
Rapco AB-100
Roland Parlapiano
SLM Auto Pan
Watsotone Studio Ho
Xotic Effects USARC-Booster
Yamaha Magicstomp Guitar Effects Processor


Ampeg Rocket
Ampeg B-15 Bass Amplifier 1965
Budda 17 Watt Combo Amplifier 2007
Epiphone Valve Jr. w/ Mercury Mod 2006
Fender Bassman Combo 1959
Fender Princeton 1972
Fender Super Amplifier 1960
Fender Twin 1974
Fender Vibraphone Leslie speaker (Silver Face 60ʼs)
Musicman Twin
Teisco/Silvertone (many models)
Vox AC-30 Amplifier w/ Top Boost 1962
Vox Mini
Watkins Dominator Amplifier 1964


Baldwin Harpsichord
Fender Rhodes Stage MKII
Korg MS20 Mini
Roland HS60 (Juno 106)
Schafer and Sons Upright
Toy Piano
Wurlitzer Upright Piano
Wurlitzer Electric Piano
Yamaha CS-5 Synthesizer
Modular Synthesizers